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ADCP provides an industry-leading leasing service offering bespoke, professional property marketing and advertising advice. Aside from being able to complete the leasing processes in one day, we also offer a full range of end-to-end leasing services ranging from contractual processes to car parking.

Our Services

Lease Renewal

ADCP offers competitive and compliant services for standard tenancy renewals. We ensure that all processes are completed in a timely manner and that the tenant is kept informed at all times. The tenant will receive a reminder letter from ADCP up to 120 days prior to the expiry of the lease.

New Leases

We offer office and portal-based enquiries for new rentals available throughout the UAE. Our range is very competitive, determined through our detailed information and liaisons, and it incorporates a full range of leasing services. Our inspection and maintenance teams perform thorough checking and repair services before handing over any unit to ensure that ADCP rents out properties in the best possible condition.

Tajdid Service

We understand that time is a valuable asset to you. That’s why we developed Tajdid; a service that allows you to renew your tenancy contract at home or in the office with no additional fees, and at any time that is suitable for you.

How to renew your tenancy contract from home or work:

  • Step 1 – Contact us through one of the following:
    • Email [email protected]; or
    • Call 600 52 3321; or
    • Respond directly to our SMS notification regarding your property lease renewal
  • Step 2 – An ADCP representative will contact you for your details and for you to provide us with a suitable time for a courier to collect your documents
  • Step 3 – Courier collects relevant documents
  • Step 4 – We will notify you once your tenancy contract has been successfully renewed

Lease Transfers

ADCP permits the transfer of residential, retail and commercial leases, provided the following conditions are met:

Type of Lease Type of Transfer Rule
Residential In the demise of original tenant Lease transfer restricted to blood relative only (son/daughter/father/mother)
Corporate Transfer from individual tenant to government, or vice-versa Original tenant should be present. However, subject to ADCP’s approval
Corporate Transfer from a company to its staff Original tenant should be present. However, subject to ADCP’s approval
Residential/Commercial Landlord to occupant Subject to ADCP's approval
Commercial If the trade license is fully sold Subject to ADCP's approval

To view the terms and conditions click here.

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