Tajdid Service

Time is a valuable asset to all of us, and at ADCP we understand your needs, and have developed a service aimed at simplifying your life. You can now renew your property lease at home or in the office with no additional fees, and at any time that is suitable for you.

How to renew your property lease from home or work:

Step 1 – Contact us over email at contact@adcp.ae, phone 02 406 7444 or by responding to our SMS notification on lease renewal

Step 2 – A representative will contact you for your details

Step 3 – Decide on a suitable time for courier to collect documents

Step 4 – Courier collects relevant documents

Step 5 – ADCP notifies you when your tenancy has been successfully renewed


How to renew your property with a branch appointment:

Step 1 – Contact us on 02 406 7444 for an appointment

Step 2 – Arrive on time for your appointment with all the required documents

Step 3 – Successful tenancy renewal

For more information, please call us on 02 406 7444 or email at contact@adcp.ae